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Verban Adrian

Postby vadrian89 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:39 pm

Hello everybody, my name Verban Adrian.
A few bullet points about me:
- 28 years old
- currently living in Galati, Romania
- working as junior developer and working with Java(hibernate / spring), JSP, Oracle SQL, some shell scripting from time to time, and ofc HTML/CSS(with extremely rare JavaScript)
- in my spare time I am learning Qt/C++/QML and currently developing Cumulus-Qt, aswell improving my programming skills however I can
- I love what Linux and the open-source world has to offer, am a Qt enthusiast, love Ubuntu, Unity and Ubuntu Touch so I am sad of Mark's decision like many others

Saying all that I trully hope that both Yunit and Ubports teams will have a mark on the world.
PS: I'm looking on dedicating some of my time developing parts of Yunit, so when I will be able will start forking, working and making pull request. Aswell started translating to romanian language.

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